Hard Working Women


sabina ken2Her name is Sabina Ken, a hard working woman and  a mother of seven.  She is from the Hamonites Women group, Twantoh, Belo Sub Division of Cameroon. With her husband visually impaired she has been struggling to have her children get a good education. Life has been so hard for her. Her life best illustrates the frustration that comes with living a life of dependency. Fortunately, she is receiving leadership and hands on business training for rural women at the EnKindle Cameroon training program. This will enable her to be assertive and also make independent financial decisions.

Her interest is to do retail business. After the training she will need enough capital to set up this business. She can have this from their groups' Table Banking fund which needs up scaling so that members can have enough to borrow from. To know more about the group, just drop us a note.

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