The Story of Struggling Women

EnKindle Cameroon, family from Baingoh

We were very happy at the EnKindle Cameroon office when one grandmother, Nini Bridgit Funyang, from a community called Baingoh, brought her two grand sons pleading that we look for a way so that they continue their education to a higher level. Listening to her, we got how much she has struggled since they lost their parents, just to make sure these children do not drop out of school. It was an interesting story. This woman had taken their children farther in their education just because of her tenacity. If women copy her example a lot of  good will be achieved for children at moments they lose their pillars of support.

As we look for ways to see if we can help the boys move further, we appreciate this grandmother whose love for children's education is of utmost importance.

We believe that if rural women are economically empowered, they will make sure their children have a good education.

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