EnKindle Cameroon is presently carrying out the following projects:

  1. Business and leadership training for rural women: Rural women are trained usually in groups of ten women each with hands on business skills. The course goes on for three months in which the women also do Table Banking which finally provides seed capital for their individual ventures. What is needed here is resources to sustain a group and scaling up of the women's Table Banking so that they have enough funds for their seed capital.
  2. Capacity Building for rural youths: The youths also receive business and leadership training on a curriculum very much like the one used for women. They do this while learning a vocational skill of their choice. The skills the youths are learning now are tailoring, Knitting, hairdressing, computer software applications and cookery. The youths who graduate either are employed elsewhere or they set up their own small businesses. There is also a special program with young single mothers. They come together once a month, share experiences and each of them is involved in a vocational training.
  3. Sponsorship for underprivileged rural children: The project is very successful as we connect less privileged children to sponsors around the world who provide for their educational needs. We are also in the process of setting up a social enterprise that will boost the project.gmm enkindle cameroon graduation 19