About us

Enkindle Cameroon is a venture under Goodness and Mercy Missions, a registered non profit making organization that was founded in Boyo Division of Cameroon by Teh Francis in 2007. The main focus of EnKindle Cameroon is to see that women living in rural areas of Cameroon have a life of financial sustainability. The well being of the family and a brighter future for the children are guaranteed when women are fully involved in decision making and  income generation.

In many rural areas of Cameroon, the average woman does subsistence agriculture. Families are usually large since polygamy is practiced. A man may have more than one wife and several children. Most women still depend on their husbands for a living. There is wide disparity in opportunities available to men and women in rural Cameroon.- Opportunities of education, opportunities to business and employment as well as opportunities to participate in the decision-making process in household level as well as in the larger society.

Most of the women don't have sustainable work. Therefore they cannot send their children to schools because they lack sustainable income. Thus many children end up doing odd jobs at plantations in the coast.

EnKindle Cameroon addresses this issue in the following ways:

By equipping rural women by providing social and economic empowerment

By providing them leadership training to have their independence and leadership in their own destinies

By offering them business training and Table Banking to make them self-sufficient as individuals

This will enable them to be able to make their independent financial decisions.

True empowerment comes only when women:

  • - possess a sense of self worth
  • - have access to education and relevant information
  • - be in a position to have independence and leadership in their own destinies and make their own decisions

EnKindle Cameroon longs for the day rural women in Cameroon shall be famous for making independent financial decisions; a day children no longer yearn for the right to schooling because their mothers are trapped in financial hardship and dependency.