How You Can Help


You can help EnKindle Cameroon in several ways as listed below:

  1. Support the business and leadership training for rural women. The training goes on for a period of three months and then the women graduate to start their own business ventures. You can help with the logistics of the training which include remuneration for the trainers, translator, food and other necessities.
  2. Support the rural women Table Banking business. The women who participate in the training are from groups. These groups do Table Banking, a group funding strategy where women contribute their own funds and members borrow immediately to fund their businesses. The women contribute only little amounts of money and members cannot borrow enough. You can help us with grants where we can scale up the women's Table Banking fund.
  3. Support the EnKindle Cameroon Social Enterprise. We are initiating some income generation activities to have funds to run the business and leadership training, to help young underprivileged mothers learn a trade, to support the computer training program for rural children and for sustainable running of the organizations. You can ask to get details of these activities.
  4. Support by volunteering. We do accept local and international volunteers to help with the programs of the organization. Each has something to offer at any given moment. You can contact us to get details about volunteering with EnKindle Cameroon.

You are also free to help in any other way you deem necessary.