Frida Neng and Rebecca Neng

EnKindle Cameroon has started an interesting project that benefits the rural women of Belo Sub Division of Cameroon. It is leadership and business training of a kind whereby illiterate and semi literate women receive training that will empower them to be able to make independent financial decisions. When women are empowered financially they make sure that their children have a good education.

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EnKindle Cameroon empowers rural women through business and leadership training. Through a specially designed curriculum which fosters needs analysis, creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit, rural women receive business and leadership training. The curriculum is also designed to suit the needs of illiterate rural women. The training takes place in Belo, Boyo Division of Cameroon. The duration of the training is three months. The women end up developing individual business ventures fueled by their passions. They work in groups to have access to capital (through Table Banking) for their business initiatives.

The first batch of women to receive the training are being profiled.


In rural Boyo Division of Cameroon, most women don't have sustainable work. Therefore they cannot effectively help their children in school because they do not have sustainable income. Like Rophine Ghah from the Lovely Mothers Group in Jinkfuin, several women will receive business and leadership training at the EnKindle Cameroon program in Belo.

Lovely Mothers Jinkfuin
Lovely Mothers Jinkfuin