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The New Encyclopedia of Language and Education defines “the literacy myth” as the belief, “that the acquisition of literacy is a necessary precursor to and invariably results in economic development, democratic practice, cognitive enhancement, and upward social mobility…” It further goes on to say that the benefits associated with literacy cannot be attained in other ways or associated with other factors whether economic, cultural, political or individual. I seem to totally agree with this. I love education. EnKindle Cameroon encourages education at all levels. But our interaction with illiterate rural women who do not have any prospects of being literate in any way have made us question the truth of the literacy myth in its totality.

We have heard women who never went to school spoke wisdom, thought systematically and exercised creativity at many levels. We begin to wonder. How is knowledge perceived? Is it only through learning how to read and write? Or, has the “literacy myth’ not barred several talented uneducated people to showcase their potentials?

We at EnKindle Cameroon seek to discover and exploit the potentials in underprivileged rural women who never went to school through the hands on business and leadership training. This training helps them to discover and ignite their individual passions.