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While providing hands on business and leadership training to rural women in Cameroon, EnKindle Cameroon has also been equipping their children with vocational skills which enhance employment opportunities. On the 16th of August 2017, 15 youths were graduated in computer software applications. This was made possible with assistance from our mother organization GMM Africa and from Informtik Afrika - Switzerland. We are happy most of these youths trained receive commitment through employment or by setting up their own businesses. If you feel to sponsor a rural youth learnGMM ENKINDLE CAMEROON GRADUATION 18 a trade, do contact us to get details. gmm enkindle cameroon graduation 19


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When rural women embark on an income generation activity, this solves a lot of problems in their lives. One who has lived in a rural community in Cameroon can bear witness of how women struggle because they expect their needs to be met by someone else.  At EnKindle Cameroon we continue to provide hands on business training to rural women which discovers and ignites their passions. To have details of how this training is done you can contact us at our contact page .

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